Working in a Cubicle-Using a Cube, to Think Outside the Box

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Working in a Cubicle-Using a Cube, to Think Outside the Box

No, this is not a Brain Storming Cube.

No, this is not a Brain Storming Cube.

“Think outside the box,” is heard a lot in offices, where people work in boxes. But another type of box can be used to escape that type of stifling thinking that we all have learned to hate.  Craig Paxson of New Salem Consulting has developed a way to use a cube, to escape a cube.

Craig Paxson

Craig Paxson




Craig appeared with me on WRFN’s Experimental Radio to help me brain storm a way out of a box that many authors have found themselves in.




“It’s a real trip man!”



This is the cover of the book mentioned during the interview. CLICKING on it will open another era for you, where brain storms were common, hair was long, and tempers were short. A middle aged man was thrust into the midst of this seething cauldron called the 1970’s, and finds he has to live his college days all… over… again.







To hear the entire broadcast, click on the official WRFN mug.


This post originated from an undisclosed location in Middle Tennessee. I work there weekends at a job I can’t disclose, for a company (or government) that can’t be named, and  perform services that must remain classified.

But, I can bring my laptop and write. And I’m writing this blog right now, hunkered down in my vehicle.

Thermos copy

We work 12-hour shifts (The PD works only 6) so I have plenty of time to write.




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